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Smart Home Consultation
John Elway talks about the Vantage system.
Home Technology Integrator with architect
Home Technology Integrator with builder
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We provide two consultation services.  Our free consultation services are provided to prospective clients that would like to sit down with us and learn more about the many aspects of smart home technologies including home automation, background music, home theater technologies, security and more. 

Free Consultation

Free consultations are made by appointment on Friday afternoons and  typically last about a hour.  

Through our Free Consultation service, we'll review your ideas and then explain the scope of the project from our professional viewpoint.  We'll outline the necessary steps to complete the project no matter how large or small.  

You will leave with plenty of information to help you determine what smart home technologies are available, how to get started and a clear understanding of the difference between retail trained representatives and accredited integrators, like you will find at dBTronix.

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Smart home and automation consultation.

Project Consultation Services

Some homeowners rely on our consultation services when they become involved in building or updating a home that include smart home technologies.  Having a professional integration company that is expert in the areas of smart home systems will save homeowners from building headaches and financial heartburn that is certain to come without it.  

The dBTronix knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable.  For more information about Project Consultation Services, please give us a call or start with a Free Consultation